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Be Curious
Global employee change management branding and messaging

Simple. Better. Campaign

Challenge: A global chemical company was seeking a holistic strategy to deal with the increase of regulatory requirements around the world. A key piece of this strategy was to transform their product stewardship and regulatory function (PS&R) with a unifying culture of collaboration and clear accountabilities. They needed a change mangagement campaign that would go beyond posters and slogans and get at the core of how their employees think about themselves and the work they do.

Solution: My team conducted workshops to help define the core aspects and common goals of PS&R that could unite and inspire the PS&R community. These common aspects and goals formed the foundation of a campaign designed to help foster the belief that they had the potential to do more in their work via collaboration and that this collaborative behavior had true personal value. Once that belief was established we then developed tools in the form of scenarios and communications and collaboration guidelines to show them how they could realize this potential.

Role: Project lead, creative strategy, content strategy, copywriting and direction of designer